Monday, May 30, 2005

Got a cold.

Hello guys.Thanks for comming to my blog.I have to tell you that I got a cold today so I didn't go to work.Uhh...My head and throat is hurting....

so I am going to sleep now...Talk to you later!


Sunday, May 29, 2005

The former Japanese soldier found in Philippine.

Hello guys! Thanks for comming to my blog always! I am so glad about it.Aww..I have to go clean the new office again.It is so messy now.phew....

hehe Here is my lunch today.This is type of noodle but We call it soba.You put this noodle into the soup and eat it.It is our traditional food and so famous.If you are in Japan or comming to Japan Please try to go to Soba store and try bite!


I always check the Yahoo Japan news every morning as always.I found an incredibly surprising news! 'The former Japanese soldier found in Philippine'.@o@ As you know almost 60 years ago There was a World War II.A bunch of Japanese soldier has been spreading around Asian countires.And Finally The war has been finished.Unfortunately some of them couldn't know the news! Almost 30 years ago 2 of Japanese soldier has been found.He said 'I was too late to come back'. And now 2005 According to the news 40 of the former Japaense soldier has been found in Philipine... The Japanese embassy of Philippine is checking their information.But They say They are afraid of comming back to Japan.They might be taking court-martial and killed by Japan. Well....Of cource not right now!!! It doesn't exist in this ara.They would be so surprised when they come back here today...60 years ago in Tokyo,The city has been destructed by WWII but now that There are alot of high rise building and crazy peopele here...hehe I hope that will come back to Japan as soon as possible!!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

The movie : Train man on June 4th

Hello guys! Thanks for comming to my blog always! I was so sleepy yesterda as you know.I couldn't type any Here is the reason.I am going to quit the company on the end of this month.After that I and my friend are going to start own business in Tokyo.Luckly We have a helper.He supports us our office in Shinjuku.But...It was soo messy.We had to clean up really well.I was cleaning the office all night long the day before yesterday.I couldn't sleep anything so that way I was so sleepy yesterday.hehe...but I am alright now! I slept well! But I have to go clean tonight again!

  I wanna talk about the movie Train man.It finally comes on theater on 4th June in Japan!Here is the story of this movie.

The movie Train man

  A man helped a young girl from violent middle age man in the train.22 years otaku guy.No girlfriend for 22 years,lives with parents.He was System Engineer and looked like cleary Otaku.He got an expensive tea up Hermes by her appreciation whether he didn't know what should he do next.He asked help for the net where gather guys who doesn't have girl friend,to ask for date Hermes.

  'Help me for food place...' He said.

  However He was called 'Train man' and The net guys tried to help me as much as they could.Sometimes They got angry at train man and sometimes helped him.and then there are lots of guys and girl who want to train man on the net.The nurse who has just broke up with her boyfriend,and gives advices the train man by woman's side.and Train man named a girl who met in train,Hermes.and They will get along....

  What do you think about this story? This is basically started on the website.He was just an Otaku guy.When I saw that website first time I really laughed his attitude.What a corward guy is he?! but By lot of advices..He will get stonger day and day....and Finally I will see what will happy in the end!

This movie firstly comes out in Japan after that It will come to your country I guess.Hope you guys could watch this movie!

  Aww....I am going to get on train tonight and...Hope to see...violent middle age man to help a beautiful woman.;-P

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I am so sleepy....*hits his forehead on the computer screen*

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The crisis of Single life.

what should I cook tonight? well...I feel like eating kind of pasta! Yippy!I downloaded a recipe of tomato spaghetti for dinner.But Unfortunately It was raining really strongly outside today so I couldn't go to the supermarket.

Oh! I remembered that There are some mini-tomate in the refregrator!Lucky!So I opened the door of freg and got a pack of mini tomato.I opened the back of tomato and tried to cut the tomates.I found a tomato white furred on it... @o@ oh? What is it? ... *thinking 3 seconds* AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! It's mold!!!!! *THROW IT AWAY* GRRRRRRRRRR ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?!??! *picked up another one* damnnnnn! All of my mini tomates are DEAD!!

What the hell is going on?! Whyyyyyyyy?!



I bought this tomate 2 weeks ago and didn't use the rest of it....

Does the tomate last 2 weeks? lol....

maybe not....

Monday, May 23, 2005

A beef bowl war.

I just got to home 30 minutes ago.I had a dinner party with collegues.We went to the Japanese restaurant where my old classmate works for.I was so glad to meet him again!He works for 東西南北(touzai nanboku),Shinjuku station West gate in Shinjuku.If you have an opportunity to visit Shinjuku Please have a dinner at Tozai Nanboku!They serve you such a really nice food!

東西南北(touzai nanboku)

Sooooooo....I am kind of tired now.It is kind of farewell party for me.I have to tell you that I am going to quit the company on 31st of May.After that I am planning to start own business with my friend.I am not sure I will succeed or not but I want to try!

牛丼(pronounced Gyu-don.In English,A beef bowl).Gyuudon is the most famous and common food in Japan.There are some companies that is serving Gyuudon.The most famous company is Yoshinoya.Secondly,Matsuya or Sukiya.
By the way Have you heard and seen Gyuudon? Gyuun is thing juicy slices of beef simmered with fresh onions in a special sauce and rice.And It is really cheap! It is just 320yen(3 US dollars!).They serve Gyudon really cheap! fast! and tasty! I hope you guys love it! At least Japanese people love it! When you get to here Please try that once! You will see Yoshinoya or other gyudon restaurants everywhere in Japan!


I am alive.

Hello guys

Thanks for worring about me!I am alive and okay! I was just kind of busy lately and couldn't update my blog and email you back.

I will email you back soon!


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cooking : Wahuu Hanba-gu(Japanese Style Hamburg)

Opsssss... While I am updating this blog I felt a weak earthquake.Yes It happenes really alot in Japan.Japan is kind of earthquake country.You will feel it at least once a month.It happenes somewhere every day in Japan.It is really strange though...

Oh Yeah I applied a TOEIC yesterday,which is famous English test in Japan.I was wondering lately how much score can I get in TOEIC.Am I able to get a good score or not? I hope I can but I am not sure.I am good at speaking of English but not good at words and vocabulary.The test is 26th of June Sunday.I will study for it.

I was wandering what should I cook for dinner since the lunch time.I was invited to the dinner lately so I didn't have a chance to cook by myself.And I decided to cook my favorite food! It is Wahuu Hanba-gu!,Which is called Japanese Style Hamburg in English.You put on mashed Japanese radish and sliced perilla.It was soo tasted good! hehe I guess I am getting a nice cook! but I wondered again.It came to my mind.I guess...This blog is closing to just a cooking

Japanese style hamburg

Monday, May 16, 2005


The day has been started with stupid headache.Yes I had a really bad headache this morning.I took a medicine and after that I got over it...I guess I have a migraine.Hmm...

And I didn't work so hard today but I don't know why I feel so tired.My neck hurts and my back...Aww...I feel like I am dying But I know that I am really okay anyway.I don't die definitely.I am kind of healty person.Just...I am tired lately I guess.

I cooked a fried ketchup chicken and green pepper.Don't you think It looks good? That looks really tasty and It was so nice! I guess I am getting nice cook lately ;-) I am pround of myself ;-)

Fried ketchup chicken

According to Yahoo Japan news '最終兵器彼女(She,The ultimate weapon)' will be the documentary film on February 2006.I have read all serius of this comic.The story is really cute but It is really sad...I could cry reading this comics.(Am I crying alot by the movie and books?)

She,The final weapon.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Going to Art Museum in Tokyo for Gogh exhibition

I love Art of cources because I am a one of designer as Web deisnger.However I don't draw any arts so often by my hands.I am not good at drawing at all.But I wish I could draw really well some day.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the Gogh's exhibition in National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo.It has been started since 23rd of March.However there were so crowed! @o@ What the hell? Where the hell are they comming from?!(including me)

Vincent Van Gogh,born in 1858 Netherland,was actived mostly in France.He is the most famous Artist all over the world.I was curious about his art so much.It was the first time to see his art.I like oil paiting.It is so powerfull and can see the flow of brush.

If you have an opportunity to visit this museum Let's visit!
The national museum of modern art Tokyo.

Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art


By the way...It is really cold in Tokyo.What the hell is going on here?! It can't be like this now.It should be more warmer here...

Oh yeahhh!!! I wathec the movie 'Negotiator Mashita Masayoshi" last night! It was sooo fun!!!!!!! Yayyyy!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Movie:Odoru daisousasen(Bayside shakedown) is back again!

Based on the long-running and hugely popular TV show,Odoru Daisousasen(Bayside Shadedown).In this humorous police drama,Aoshima,a Tokyo police detective working in the police station bayside area,was continually frustrated by the hierarchy of the police.A his friend Muroi,is climbing the leader of the police station,make a promise with Aoshima in order to change the rule of police.While aoshima looks after the street Muroi makes life easiear for the cops.This drama is based on this 2 guys with other actors and actress.

The drama series of Odoru Daisousen was showing on TV on 1997.The first movie came out on 1998 and The second one came back again on 2004.And 2005 They came back again!

In this time They gives a spotlight one of guy in this drama.An undependable police detective,Mashita,the first Negotiator in Japanese police.The accident happened 1 year later from the second movie.He was suppose to have a Christmas date with a girl Yukino.But Unfortunately He was called by Muroi.The tragic subway accident happened.It was hijacked.And a suspect nominated a Mashita to play the game on the subway underground in Tokyo.

I would love to watch this movie as soon as possible.If you could have a chance to watch it or TV series Please watch them!

Negotiator Mashita Masayoshi

The movie:Negotiator Mashita Masayosi's Official website

Thursday, May 12, 2005

My Neighbor Totoro

I guess 50 or 60 years ago Japanese people were living like that.It is really old style but There is our culture,old fashion,humanity and the country.

Have you ever watched "My neighbor Totoro(Tonari no totoro" by Miyazaki movie? It is the most famous and warm hearted movie by Miyazaki Hayao.This movie is based on country place with little family.10-years-old Satsuki and 4-years-old Mei lived with their dad in the olded fashioned house.While thier mother in the house They meet a really unusual animal in the forest.Mei discovers the nest of Totoro and meet their family.Satsuki and mei finds out that Totoro is trying to make the forest grow up.It is really kind hearted movie.I hope you guys watch it.

Now that Satsuki and Mei's house has been build in AICHI EXPO.If you have an oppornity to visit there Please visit there.

The house of Satsuki and Mei

Tonari no totoro

Here is the picture I cooked last night ;-) Japanese curry race! It was so tasty!Yammyyyyy!

Curry rice

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I will introduce you my girlfriend.

Finally It is time to introduce you my girlfriend! Here she comes!... @o@ ....Nonono...Not my girlfriend. Sorry I haven't gotten the one yet..

I am not talking about my private thing.I want to talk about the movie I watched tonight.I watched a korean movie called "WILDSTUCK".In Japanese "僕の彼女を紹介します。(I will introduce you my girlfriend).I was almost crying alot while I was watching this movie.It was so sad story... Especially When he was shoot I was really sorry what she felt.You would think It is really nice movie if you have someone special or someone you really love.Otherwise It is just normal movie for you.

I really liked how she act.The actress of this movie looks so strong especially in front of him.However Half of this movie she looked so weak after he passed away unfortunately.That looked so cute but that also made me cry.*cry*

I liked some of scenes from this movie.
1.She and he are dancing in the rain with the background music Stay by Maurice Williams

2.Suddenly She comes into his class room and tell classmates that "I am his girlfriend.I slept with him too!" It was cute.

Aww...After I watch this movie I feel like going go out with my girlfriend(you don't have it yet!!!) ;-p

I will introduce you my girlfriend.

I will introduce you my girlfriend.

If you have never seen this movie Please watch it.GO BLACKBASTER NOW!

I have almost forggoten what I cooked I cooked a garlic tomato I don't feel like talking about it tonight!Sorry.

A garic tomato spagetthi!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Driving to the Yabitsu Pass

Driving to somewhere really far away makes us happy and relax.If you live in the big city like Tokyo Sometimes you feel like going out to the national park or somewhere really nice... It is really good to go out with girlfriend(don't have yet...) but Sometimes It is really good to go drive with guy.Boys are kind of strange.Maybe You won't understand forever if you are girl! Sorry!

Anyway I went to Yabitsu Pass by motorcycle.It took 1 hour to get to there.The road was alittle bit narrow but it was really good to drive there really fast ;-) Finally I got to the top of mountain.Here is the picture of my motorcycle! The left one is mine!

3 motorcycle

me on observation deck

The view from the mountain

It was so nice view from the top of the mountain.But Unfortunately It was kind of couldy day yesterday so I couldn't see the ocean from there.Lucky We could see it.

After we left there We drove to Gotenba near Mt.Fuji.While we are driving on highway We could see the Mt.Fuji.It was so nice view! Maybe next time I wanna go drive there!!

I guess We mostly drove around 300km(186.4 mile).I was soo exhausted when I got to home.I fell in sleep in 3 seconds.Please Let me send this record to the guinness book ;-P

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Driving to the Coast Park

I was suppose to have a BBQ today.But Unfortunately It has been cancelled.That was really sucks.I was soo expected to see my old friends and have a fun party besides the river.Every year We do this BBQ party with my friends and their parents.Totally We have been doing this since we are elementary school students.

It was so nice day today.The sky was really blue and There weren't clouds.I decided to go drive to somewhere really nice.So I drove to the Coast Park near Tokyo Bay.Here are some of pictures ;-)

JAL on the sky

There is a Haneda Airport near this park.So I could see a really big air plane in the sky.That was JAL's airplane.I was feeling like going to somewhere with ya...

a little girl on beach

I found a cute girl on the beach and she was playing with seashell....Did you find any?


It was alittle bit and windy today.

A dog who chased me...

I met a old people there.They had a dog but He chased me...

A cute dog.

Finally he became my friend,buddy.You are such a cuteness!!! Come on baby...come here!!!(but He has never listened to me....Every time When I call their name they don't listen to me...maybe something wrong with me between animals.)

And The weather and wind makes me really confortable....So I walked down to the grass and laid down and took a nap for a while.I looked up the sky and I have been thinking alot of things...About my job....tomorrow....a lot of things..when I closed my eyes and I could hear some noises.The airplane that is landing to airport.Kids are playing...The wind,and Waving from the beach... I could really relax.I think I am comming down here again ;-)

Friday, May 06, 2005

Are Japanese people quick temper?

A tragic and incredibly sad train accident happened in Hyogo prefecture,Japan.107 people killed by this train crash.If you have never heard of this news Please check the news below.

Japan Train Crash Death Toll Reaches 107(English)

I am really sorry for those people who were killed accidentaly.There are lots of kis,students,worker who goes to the office in ther morning.It happened in the early morning.There are some of reasons that caused this crash.

1.Had hard punishment for train driver(Which is really sucks)
2.Had late for the next station
3.Had to drive alittle bit faster to get to the next station

The train driver passed by 80m the previous staion before the accident happenes.So He had to drive the train alittle bit faster to the next station.The train driver tried to hide the truth which he passed by 80 m on the previous station.Because if you do that You have to take a punishment.So He drove faster.Unfortunatley This decision caused a really bad accident like that...

Anyhow,I found an interesting article on the website.Let me tell you the story.In Japan We really depents on the train network too much.Most of Japanese people take the train when we go to school and work.We believe that the train works everything ON TIME.No late.So Sometimes when the train get late even just 1 minute The annoucement says " I am really sorry for late blablabal".and Some people try to get mad...I think This is true.We are not allowed to get late for school and company.So We really care about time!!!

There was a kind of intesting result.
How much time can you wait for the train late?
Japanese : 1 minute
European : 3 minutes
American : 5 minutes

haha....That was kind of funny though.I don't disagree with it.I don't think We are truthly quick temper people but we will get mad if the train get late...Be carefull! Don't be late for Japanese party!! lol

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cooking : Rebanira Itame (Grilled liver and leek)

I cooked a "rebanira itame(Grilled liver and leek)" today.It is also type of Chinese food.However It was kind of hard to cook Chinese food.We don't have a strong power of stove and the big size of pan.But If you use CookDo(made by Ajinomoto) You can cook Chinese food easily.CookDo is just a liquid.I always wonder how do they make it...It is kind of Chemical-X for me... Did the Powerpuff girls make by CookDo?

Did the doc buy CookDo in Japanese supermarket? lol Anyway....

rebanira package Posted by Hello

Ingredients for 4 people
1 half Onion
1 pack of reba-(liver)
1 packChemical-X(CookDo)


1.Grill a sliced Onion and liver on the pan
2.Put Nira(leek) into the pan and grill for a while and stir...
3.Put Chemical-X(CookDo liquid) into the pan and stir

and It's done!

rebanira Posted by Hello

It looks tasty huh?

But I can hear a lot of voices from all over the world.
From North America "Grrrrr It looks so uglyyyy!!!"(American people doesn't eat Liver)
From Asia "Ohhh It looks tastyyyy!!"
From Europe "??????"(Do they eat Liver? Tell me somebody...)
From Space "aljlkadlfaskldfjla(What the hell?)"

Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Uh....I have a headache today.Lately I have a headache alot.I don't know why... Aw It is so nice weather today.It is sunny here.But I don't wanna move for a while...just I am gonna watch the movies now.My boom is watching FARSCAPE ;-) Uhhhh My head hurts...

farscape Posted by Hello

Cooking was cancelled...

I was suppose to cook a type of Chinese food tonight.I don't know the food name in English.But Unfortunately I was invited a dinner by co-worker tonight so My cooking plan was cancelled...Gr...That's okay.I am going to cook tomo...Oh...I was invited for dinner tomorrow night too.hmm I can cook some other time anyway.

I am enjoying a cooking by myself.I have been staying with my parent so I didn't cook at all. But I thought that It is not really good to me.I should be able to cook by myself.I am really enjoying it.I noticed that If boys really love to cook they care about the detail of food.But Girls care about speed and price and how long does it last.Don't you think so?

Ops I can't find the remote controller of my room light.Shit....Where are you baby? Please come out for me...I don't throw you so easilty...oh...I might be really lost it!damn...If you guys find my remote controller of room light Let me know!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Hello there

I am MKT.I am a Japanese guy living in Tokyo.I wanted to write my life and things around here in I am gonna start writting blog here from now on.I hope you enjoy this blog and I hope to find new friends ;-)