Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Angry Wife Gets Revenge Via eBay




Angry Wife Gets Revenge Via eBay

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


As one of Japanese person I would be so glad to see that Japanese people are activating in foregin country.As you know Hidaki Matsui in NewYork Yankees of couse,Nakata in Italy,Shinji Ono in Netherland,and so on.Today I want to introduce you a Japanese professional golfer Miyazato Ai.She is a professional golf player in japan and now that She is a huge star because of her great score and cute smile ;-) And Finally She is starting her move to the US on US OPEN WOMAN CHAMPIONSHIP.
But She lost in preliminary match.However She will be winner at last next time I hope so.

well I am not good at playing golf but I want to try that soon.

Professional Golfer Ai Miyazato

Monday, June 27, 2005

I am sorry for him.

lol I am gonna post my message quickly.

0.5 Ponds car

According to the websute,He is working on radio station as DJ and He talked about cheating and his wife found out about it.Unfortunately She tried to sell his favorite car on E-bay right after she listened.Check the ebay out and hope you guys have

I dont want to cheat on girls definitely.I am sooo scared of women....

TOEIC test

Well...I have never felt a humilation like yesterday. I took an English test called TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) yesterday.There are alot of kinds of English test in Japan.Eiken is the most famous test and TOEFL,TOEIC,UN Eiken.I took one of it.It is known for good on our resume.But I just wanted to know how good am I. However I wasn't.

The test has 2 parts.One is Listening part for 100 questions,1 hours.and The other one is reading parts for 100 questions,1 hours.It is tototally about 2 hours.I was understanding the listening part.I guess I could solve half of it.Because I knew that I must be good at listening.But the problem is reading section...I didn't understand most of them....*sigh* I have never studied English in English school.I have basically studied my English by myself.That's why I had a grammer and vocaburary problems.It was so horrible.

I have to work on my English from now on.I will try the TOEIC again.The maxiam of TOEIC point is 990.I may be getting around 400 in this time I guess....*sigh* But I will go for 990 of course!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Welcome to Japan!

Hello guys! Good evening! How are you doing? In Japan It is so hot this afternoon.According to Yahoo Japan news It is almost 30 degree here.

By the way Have you ever visited Japan? hm? Do you want to come here? If so I will take you to some famous places in Japan!

At first This is where I
My house in Japan
Well...There are alot of houses in this picture.The center of this picture is my

Tokyo Tower


Haneda Airport

Hey Where do you live? Please tell me your home by Google Maps! Let me tell you how to give me a link.At first Go to Google maps.
And Click the 'Satellite' link and change to Satellite picture mode.and Move the picture by your mouse and go to your country.and You can zoom in and zoom out.And If you click the 'Link to this page' link You can make the link code and please paste in this comment.I am waiting for you guys!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pictures from Fuji Speedway

Hellooo guys! I am sorry for late! These are the pictures of Fuji Speedway I took! I hope you really enjoy it!

Fuji Speedway Gate

Time tower

Parking lot

Roadster race

Start Your Engine

Zapspeed FJ Car

Wada Racing Sports FJ Car

FJ Racing

Silent finish

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sushi boom in Paris

When I was reading Yahoo News I found a kind of funny one right now.According to Yahoo Japan news,The French News post says that the Japanese sushi restaurant are getting really famous in France but they have a sanitaty problem.90% of Sushi restaurant are not managed by Japanese people so They are fake sushi chef.Now that There are 600 restaurants in Paris and It is still increasing incredibly fast.But They have a problem to cut the fishes.Most of sushi chef has to practise for a couple of years at least but The open the restaunt so quickly so they have a problem.

haha... That's funny news.I love Sushi Of cource.So I hope that Those kind of restaurant will be disapeared soon. Aw....I am so getting hungry now...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Fuji Speedway

Have you ever seen F1 racing? I have never seen it before in my life.However I had a chance to see previous step of F1.It is FJ.I went to Fuji Speedway today.My friend's team had a race there.There was also Harray Davidson event too but I am mostly interested in Roadster racing and FJ racing.FJ machine looks like a F1 but It is smaller than that.But It goes 220 km/h at max speed at least.
I took alot of pictures but It's in my friend's camera so I cant show you anything today.I am so sorry you guys...I will get the pictures back next week.I hope to show you soon!

anyway I am so tired now...I am almost exhousted...But I enjoyed so much! Hope to see you again!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Cooking : Gobou no be-kon maki(The bacon roll of burdock)

Hello my friends! How are you doing lately? As for me Things are passing really fast.The new business is getting busy.I have a lot of meeting with other companies and getting a new jobs.So I was kind of busy lately so I couldn't update my blog so far.I have almost finished cleaning the office and started working lately.

Here is the new picture of my cooking last night.It is the bacon roll of burdock ketchup taste! What do you think?

Gobou bacon

oh Yeahhh Hideki Matsui made the 5th homerun!!!! Yippyyy! Do you know the Japanese baseball player Hideki Matsui in New York Yankees? He transfered to New York Yankees in the US from Yomiuri Giants,Japan 2 years ago.Basically His job is making the homerun.He has the possisibility to make the homerun at least 30 in a year.but In this year he is not making so many yet...maybe something wrong with him.Hope he will make it alot!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Pissed me off

I was soo pissed off last night.I was making the tea because I was kinda thousty.And I have put it besides the window to make it cool down.But Unfortunately I hit the bottle of the tea and dropped it on the floor... Yes I spilled the tea everywhere on the floor.I was like SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!


I made my self calm down and wiped off everything...

I decided to go to SevenEleven to get some drinks and yorgurt.I picked up my wallet and threw it to the desk.But There was the say sauce bottle on the desk and Unfortunately the wallet has hit the bottle of say sauce and I spilled the say sauce all over the desk...



I didn't clean the desk until I got to home from Seven Eleven and stearing the say sauce desk for a while with drinking...*sigh*

What a fucking unlucky day last night?!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Cooking : A beef steak

Hello guys! haha I am alive anyway.Don't worry about me.But I am just kind of tired lately.You guys seem like to see the picture of my new office or something? Okay I will try to upload something tomorrow night!hehe Calm down babys!

I got to home at 7:30.I guess for a while I will try to go to the office by motorcycle.Becuase It is so nice weather and season though.Why don't I?

I was so tired today too.But I felt like I did a good job today.So I wanted to thank of me and did the good job.So I decided to cook something really good for tonight.hehe I cooked a garlic steak!! What do you think? It looks soo gooddddd isn't it?!

A beef steak

Friday, June 03, 2005

New Life has been started.

Hello guys.I am MKT and I didn't update my blog a couple of days lately.You guys must be worried about me.Thanks,

As for me I finally has quit the company yesterday.I was cleaning my desk and stuff all the day and I brought back to the apartment.Of cource It was kind of sad for me to leave the company and say good bye to my friends there.I liked the boss.He was so nice to me and cool always.However the job they offering me,I don't like it and That's not what I want to do.So I decided to quit the company and move to the new place.

I have been kind of busy lately.I will be back to you soon!Talk to you later!