Monday, July 25, 2005

David Beckham in Japan.

He is not the Hollywood star.He is not the beautiful actress.He is just a soccer player but He is a star of this world definitely.David Beckam,Real Madrid came to Tokyo on 24th Sunday and He didn't show the exhaustion and smiled to Japanese fun in Narita Airport.They are gonna play the game with 1969 Tokyo Verdy on 25th.They came here as Friendship tour.

They are on World tour.They go to the US,China,Japan and Thailand.According to the news They are gonna earn 20 million euro by selling ticket,official goods,blabla...which is...what?

Anyway It's gonna be great game today.David Beckham,Figo,Zidane,Ronaldo.What kind of tricky play are they gonna show us? I really can't wait to watch the game!!

David Beckham

Friday, July 22, 2005

PSP will be included internet browser next time.

The SONY's amazing new game equipment,PSP(PlayStation Portable),According to the news today,It will be finally included the Internet Browser for PSP!! At last Here it comes! It's gonna tatoally great equiqment! It is still expensive so I should wait to get it for a while but soon I am gonna get it.If The huge memory size of memory stick comes out I will get a PSP with it.Its gonna be so handy if we take the movies,songs and games with it.Did anyone get PSP already?


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Arrested on Oume Avenue....

I had a job to do in the early morning so I left the apartment alittle earlier this morning.As always The oume Avenue was crowed so I was driving the left lane today.Suddenly The police officer asked me to stop in front of the police station and told me You are under arrest! What?!

According to the damn cop,I was driving the bus lane I shouldn't drive.So I got fine $60 in the early morning...I got on nevers....

You know what? I got fined also last week because of I turned right I was not suppose to do....What a kind of unlucky month is it? *sigh* I hope It is not gonna happen anymore.I really hope not... well...It's really nice morning today.I got a lemon tea I always drink in the morining at ampm(convenient store).so I am gonna start working on job with this.

Friday, July 15, 2005

I am still alive.

Hello my friends! Thanks for worriyng about me... I like you all my friends! Of course I don't forget about you.Just...Gomen neee I was just kind of busy with my work lately.Some of new project has been started at the same time so I was really confused and worked really hard.

Well...So far I am okay.I am living now somehow.haha Oh yeah I have a good news for you.I went to Tokyo Disneyland with Singaporean friend.She was one of best friend known for her almost 4 or 5 years.She is like my sister.So I like her.She came to visit Japan so I could see her one day and I took her to Tokyo Disneyland! I really enjoyed sooo muchhhhh!!! I took alot of pictures but I don't have them right now.So I will show you later!! friends.If you come to Tokyo Please please let me know okay? Rob-san,Chesley-chan,Minty-chan,Akira-san,Usagi-chan.I love you guys! I am sooo looking forward to see you in Japnnnnnn!!! Of course One day I might visit you!!!

That's my report of recent.hehe...I will be back soon!

Monday, July 04, 2005


In Japan We have 4 seasons.Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter.From the end of June to at the middle of July,We have rainy season.We call it 梅雨(Tsuyu) in Japanese.The Tsuyu has set in finally. Yes,It is raining here in Tokyo now.So I can't come to my office by motorcycle.I really hate it...aww...My jeans are really wet now...Help me...