Monday, August 29, 2005

What was I doing so far.

Hello guys! Thanks for always comming to my diary website.I really appreciate about it.Well,I have to tell you honestly why have I been so busy lately.

At first,Yes I was kind of really busy with my work.I had a meeting alot with new clients so I had to go to see them alot in Tokyo.It makes me really tired emotionaly.I have to think alot of things and use my I was exhausted.But I am alright now.

Secondly,Well It's kind of shy to talk about it but I got a new girlfriend.I have been spending most of the time with her lately.For example,Last week I visited my hometown with my girlfriend and introduce my parents to her.We visited my elementary school,junior high school,park I really loved,aquarium store I always went when I was younger.

oh Yeah Not to change the subject but I was really upset about my computer and Playstaion2.2 Weeks ago Suddenly My computer broke.It didn't work property and doesnt start.I brought it to the office and trying to fix now but It is not fixed yet.and Last week SUDDENLY MY PLAYSTATION2 didn't start working DVD.Grrr....What the hell is going on in my apartment?!?!


hehe but I am alright now.I will try to update my blog.That's my life ^o^

See you again,guys!

In my office,Tokyo.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kind of busy with my work

Hello there!

Thanks for worrying about me.Well,I was kind of busy with my I couldn't update my blog lately.But I am still alive.I am eating the food and sleeping on the bed luckly.

I will be back soon!