Saturday, September 17, 2005


The tasty potatoes I got from my colleague 0 yen

The tasty Chinese gyoza I got from my colleague 0 yen

The usefull pan I got from my mom 0 yen

The luxuary alcohol I got from my friends 0 yen

The great motorcycle I got from my friend 0 yen

The 14 inch TV I got from my friend 0 yen


I love my friends forever...

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I went to Mega web,Toyota Car Museum in Odaiba on 11th last Sunday with my friends.There are alot of cars and games.Toyota lately joins F1 racing so I could see their F1 car too.I found a really cool car there so I tried to drive it.

Cool car

By the way,Do you like the pets? To tell you the truth I am not a fan of dog and cats.I know They are cute.I love them.I like to touch cats especially but Honestly I don't want to have pets in my room.Because they make mess and poop on the floor.I don't like that smell...hmm.... but I found a great doggy in Odaiba.Look at him.

Isn't he great? He also eat the food(electricity) and also take a pee(peeee as sound).

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The job of Web designer

I am working as Web designer in Tokyo.I am belong to the company but basically I produce the website from the starting to the end.Therefore I have to do everything by myself.I am feeling that The price of website is getting cheap lately.The business of Web design and Shopping online is spreading all over the world and of course in Japan but The job of Web designer and Web programmer is getting so popular now.In another word,It is saturating.The price of Website is getting cheap but The request of making website is increasing.I am so glad to get alot of requests but I am not a super man.I am just a human with 2 hands.I can't do everything at once.However I have to think about my salary and maintaining about office.In that case how can I increase the monthly amount sold? Some day I am thinking of starting own business in the US or another foreign countries I can speak with English.Before I move there I need to start the new business I can make the money constantly... hmm...

Does anyone has good idea for the website? For example,Yahoo started own search engine.It made their company bigger.However I need to invest alot of money to maintain the server and programme.I can't do it.I don't have to start the big website like that.Something convenient for everyone... hey my friends,What kind of website do you want? What kind of service do you want? Think what if we had a some services like that it makes us happy or convinient... In Japan A lot of new services are comming and they are getting new business.I want to start too.Just I don't have any ideas though even if I can make it...

if you have good idea of website Please help me.We can work on it together.Don't hesitate to email me.Something useless,boring idea might makes us happy.