Sunday, November 27, 2005

Got a cold again?


I don't know why but I am coughing alot today.It always happenes to me when I wake up in winter.Why? Because it's dry in winter? I am not sure... phew

I am kind of hungry now.I am going to the supermarket to buy some food now!

By the way If you have a website Let me know! let's link our website each other!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hitori de dekirmon(I can do it by myself)

My friend told me the great funcky guy.His name is 'Hitori de dekirumon(I can do it by myself)'.There was a midnight dance tv show in Japan and Actually it has been finished already but This guy was still famous on the net.

Hitori de dekirumon

In this time He showed us a Japanese horor movie dance today.It's RING!

ohhhh Sadako is comming from TV!!! kowaiiiiii*scary*!!!

Hitori de dekirumon ring

It's really scaryyyy!!!


He couldn't get out from tv.


It's really funny,man.You are the funniest and greatest guy all over the world.

Movie3(ring version)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Hard Gay visits Yahoo Japan

What's hot in Japan? PSP? Play station3? Definitely not.I can't talk about it without him.Yes.That's him,Hard gay.

In Japan One of crazy comedian is getting so popular and famous called Hard gay(Razor ramon actually).He says ' I am not a gay,I am a HARD GAY'.


The storyline of this picture is as follows.He thinks that the “Hoo!” in Yahoo! is stolen from his often used exclamation.But It seems that She is really afraind of him.

Hard Gay visits Yahoo Japan

He appears with his theme song:Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin.

If you find out who he is.You should see this movies...

Hard Gay

Monday, November 14, 2005


I turned into 24 now! Thanks for always being my friends guys! It makes me sad if I round my age and I will be 30 ,said my friend.hehe...But I don't care.

What I was yesterday is,cleaning my room with my mom.I didn't clean and wash my clothes anything at all last night because I was really busy so I had to work on it so My mom came to my apartment to help.

It was kind of great day yesterday.I went to dvd rental store and I rented 2 dvds.But One of it became free to rent because of my birthday.oh man...

After that I went to BBQ restaurant with my mom because I was sorry for my mom helping all the day.And Luckily I got a free dessert!It was also my birthday phenomenon.What's going on today...hehe

and also I cleaned my motorcycle.It was getting so dirty.I didn't have a special cleaner for motorcycle so I used a kichen detergent.but I worked really well as same as my girlfriend was cleaning the stove with the detergetnt for the bath.But It worked really well actually.hehe Thanks for letting drive me safely always,man.

Thanks for comming to my blog always,my friends.I kind sorry for not updating lately but I wanna talk about alot of Japanese history and news thing.Do you have any recommendation for me? like...if you want me to write something or search I will write about that for you! Let me know!

Cleaned motorcycle

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How to get a job in Japan.

Lately I have been searching about getting a job in Japan for foreigners.So I am gonna write down some memos here.

Firstly,There are a lot of foreigners who wants to work in Japan.But The situation is still hard.But for me It seems easiear than I work in the US.Because Since WTC The immigration of US has been changed alot but Japanese people really love foreigners.Here is the way of getting a job in Japan as my ideas.

*Get a sponcer company in Japan
Which means,get a working visa.At least You have to have a University degree.If so You can be a English teacher easily.

JET(Japanese English Teacher) program is the program for foreigners who wants to be English teacher and teaches English for Japanese school.This program is based on goverment.

*Get married with Japanese person
Which means,get a Marriage Visa.Then automatically you will be a Japanese person and you will be able to stay in Japan and work here.

*Study in Japan
There are 2 kinds of visa for this.Student visa and Cultural visa.Student visa is for the student who study in University mostly.Cultural visa is the student who study in Japanese school.Basically it seems similar but Cultural visa student can not work.

If you come Japan as visitor Basicaly you will be able to stay for 90 days.If you stay more than 90 days You will be over stay and cant come back Japan for 3 years.

Hm,In my opinion If you wanna be a English teacher in Japan It's really easy for you to work in Japan.I have met alot of foreign friends.I think JET program is the best for you to come to Japan at first.Because They are gonna cover your salary,Japanese textbook and insurance thing.Most importantly,The job is not so hard and wont be tired.However,It's still hard to get a job here if you can't be English teacher here.In Japan Most of Japanese people can't speak English.Some people can but Mostly not.I really hope that one day we will be truely international country...