Monday, January 30, 2006

Ono Shinji is back in Japan!

Ono Shinji,one of genius soccer player,who has been in Feynoord,Netherlands so far.But Finally He came back to Urawa Red diamonds,Japan! Hmm.... I am kind of complicated feeling now.I really like him.He is kind of a guy who always make a good assist.He is really good at passing the ball.So He went to the Netherlands.However He always hurts himself.Therefore He couldn't stay in the Netherlands anymore... Hmm...I wanted to stay him in Feynoord..but Urawa Red diamond is kind of offical soccer team in Saitama prefecture where I live.So It is kind of happy too... He says He is still interested in playig the game in European country.But He made a contract with Urawa for 3 years.I really hope that he will back to the Europe and do the nice game there.

But anyway,Okaeri nasai!Ono Shinji!

Shinji Ono

Yahoo Auction is fun!

Lately I am always trying do to something new! I started doing day trading as you know.And Last week I started to Yahoo Auction lately.I was always buying there but I finally exbihited my stuff! I sold 2 of my books already.It was kind of good price.In Japan There are alot of Used Book store so I could sell them really easily but It won't make any good money I knew that.If possible We want to get alot of money you know.So I wanted to sell my books on yahoo auction...but I am really surprised that I could sell them with nice price!I think I am gonna sell my useless stuff on Yahoo Auction.There are alot of books and stuff in my room... I wanted to get rid of them.

But Let me tell you my advice... Don't teach your girlfriend how to use Auction.Really long time ago A guy was sold his car by his girlfriend becahse that guy made his girlfriend really mad.Girls are really scary.Don't make them be carefull what you say!

Saturday, January 28, 2006


My new hobby,Day trading!

I started doing my new hobby latley.In Japan We call it Day Trading.Day trading is a person who buy and sell the stocks really quickly and make the money.I got an account for Rakuten Securities and software Market Speed.In Japan The ecomony is getting better.and The fee of buying and selling stocks is getting cheep becuase of Internet Trading.So the people who plays day trading was increasing in Japan.Basically The stock was really expensive.It costed aleast a couple of thousand dollars.But The company also wanted money from Investor alot.Therefore they made their stocks cheaper so We could buy it really easity.

Alot of people are making money by day trading.But on the other side Alot of people are loosing money.It is really easy to loose the money if you don't know the rule of day trading.Mine is not exeption.I am just started studying lately.I have alraedy lost $100.but I want to study for it.It is cheaper than tuition for University.

If you are curious about the stocks You should start day trading! but It is risky!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Awwwww!! Horiemon finally arrested....

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I really can't concentrate my job now.I am checking livedoor's news every moments! If you don't know about Livedoor Please search by Livedoor at

Roppongi Hills

Livedoor is really famous Internet company in Japan.The CEO of Livedoor co is Horiemon(his nickname from Horie) and He started his company 10 years ago $60,000 and now that He made his company really bigger.It is almost Yahoo Japan now.However His company was searched by police because of Securities and Exchange Law.And finally today....He was arrested.Please check this news out...

I was so fan of him.Japanese companies and American companies are totally different.In Japan We have our own tradtional salary and culture in the company and keep doing that for a long time.However Time has changed.The system of Japanese company was switching into American system lately.Livedoor is not exception.Have you heard of M&A? M&A is a system of buying and selling the company.Horiemon from Livedoor made his company bigger to make its sotck higher by M&A. Yes He was kind of American mind.That's why some Japanese companies were kind of scared of him.

However his mind to fight for old Japanese company looked so strong for young Japanese people.Therefore There are alot of fans of him.He is just a boss of company but He was a star in Japan.My mom also knows about We have been believed that He will break our Japanese old rules and change Japan...

But...He was arrested because of his way of M&A.I am not sure what's going on and happenes from now on.The stock of livedoor is finally 256YEN now.It is still going down....awww...What's gonna happen to him?

It is really famous news in Japan right now.If you want to know what's happening in Japan right now,Search by Livedoor at and understand the news.

Go horiemon! Good luck to you!

I didn't write my blog lately so do I today.;-)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Bad day and happy day

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Snowing in Tokyo

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am back again!

Hello I am back to work now! It was kind of horrible days last 2 days because of diarrhea and headache.But I am getting better now.So I am gonna start working from today. phew...

While I was in home I was checking this news all night long.Livedoor's illegal trading news.You may don't know this company name but It is more famous than Yahoo in Japan now.There is a famous CEO called HORIE in this company and he was doing incredibly thing always last 2 years.Therefore He made his company famous in Japan and now that All of Japanese people know him now even my mom.However His company was searched by police last night because of illegal trading...aww...I was kind of fan of him so I am kind of worrid about them...What's gonna happen now?
Livedoor raided over 'illegal' trading

But now that I should worry about myself ne...

Monday, January 16, 2006

I am in sick...

phew.... I think I got a cold.I feel so tired and hurting my body.I don't think I can work today...I should just take a rest....

Thursday, January 12, 2006

I want the Summer back!

It's really really cold lately.It really freaks me out.I go to the office by motorcycle and The cold winds makes me know the fingers will get frozen though...

I really wish that I could go back to the Summer.It was really warm and hot every day... I think that I will miss the Winter in Summer.hehe But I really miss the Summer now.There are the pictures from last year when I and my friends went to Kujuukuri beach,Chiba.

Kujuukuri beach1

Kujuukuri beach2

In Japan We play the Watermelong game in beach.It's just easy.You hide your eyes with towel and take a stick.Before you break the watermeln you have to turn 10 times and go walk to the watermen and hit it.Here is the picture after all.He is almost busted...

Watermelon game

Awww...When is Summer comming!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sleepy day...

I was so sleepy today.I couldn't concentrate on my job... I closed my eyes for a while and I felt something in my mind...and I could see something....


I slept almost 3 hours! phew...

I slept really late last night.I couldn't sleep.I don't know the reason why I can't go to sleep lately.Mayb I still have a jet lag? Not really... but I really hope not.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Meat Sandwich

Lately I am getting used to live by myself.Sometimes I always cook the same food.Because I really like it and I can cook it really easily.It is not a Japanese food actually but I like this one.What should I call? Meat Sandwich? It's really easy to cook this food.First Stir Onion and chopped pork on the pan and put a salt alittle bit.After that Put a BBQ sauce and mix it for a while.And then Put these meat stuff on the baked bread and put the cheese and push them into oven for 5 minutes! Its really easy to cook!!! However I am really tired of eating of this... *sigh* I ate too much last night.I ate 4 of it... *dies*

My food...what should I call this food?

Monday, January 09, 2006

A coming-of-age ceremony

A comming of age celemony,if you turn into 20 years old There is a celemony for 20 years old people in January.We call it,Seijinshiki(A comming of age celemony).Basically It is really It's just listening somebody's speech and That's all.We go to the City Hall and listen them.But Alot of boys and girls wear Japanese traditional clothes like this.


And It's really good to see old friends there.After We graducated from Junior high school It's kind of hard to see old friends but Mostly we see there again.

I also went to seijinshiki when I was 20.I met alot of old friends.I also have a quetion for you.How many old friends do you have now? In my opinion It's really hard to keep friends from elementary school.Right now I have 5 or 6 or so.But some peopele says less than 3.and When we get older They will get married and moving out form the city.Therefore It will be more harder.That's why I want to keep my old friends.They are so important to me.We can't buy the friendship by money.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Going to Irumashi tonight.

I am going back to Iruma to see my friends tonight.Actually I have to give my souvenir for my friend.So I will stay in my house tonight.But There is one thing I really hate to stay there is,I can't use the internet there.*sigh* I will get bored...I must be kind of computer sick now.

As you know Some people are sick for something.Like Tabacoo,Coke,Car,TV,blabla...I thought twice that What am I sick about?
Working,Money,Foreigner,Girlfriend,TV,Coffee,Cellphone,Computer,Internet. If I don't have these things I would be dead...

How about you? What do you need definitely in your life?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Snowing alot in east Japan but not in Tokyo

According to the forecast information Alot of people are dying by snowing in east Japan.It makes me really surprised that snow.In my life I haven't seen the snow like that.Mostly in Tokyo We don't see it but Rarely It gets snowed here and sometimes make the train system in Tokyo stop.


Awww.... It is really really cold here though.I like Winter because I love Snowboarding,Christmas and New years.I just don't like this coldness.Plus It is really hard for me to drive my motorcycle....*sigh* Oh yeah...I broke my motorcycle mirror last year.That was really really sucks... So I am bidding my mirror in Yahoo Auction now.

Aww...I am in Japan now.I feel like I am still in the Netherlands and walking with a dog and girlfriend in town.But I will go back there again!!! sooooooo! Let's do the best!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back from the Netherlands

My dream place,I finally could go to the Netherlands.I stayed there almsot 2 weeks around Christmas.

I stayed in my girlfriend house.So I could see Dutch way of Christmas.Look at this on couch!! There are a lot of Christmas for us! Most of christmas presents on couch was for me...I was so impressed and surprised.I will really appreciate them.

After the Christmas I and her family visited Antwerpen,Belgium by car.This car driving also made me surprised!Because We could visit another country by car without immigration gate! Wow! Since EU(European Union) was established There is not country border anymore.It seems like a state or prefecture for me.

I am so surprised when I visted this huge church! According to the Netherlands Guidebook,It says 'Onze-Lieve-Vrouwkathedraal'.In Japanese 'ノートルダム大聖堂'.This place was the model of The dog of Franders.

This is the beautiful scene of Beluguim.It is so beautiful street.This is Ernest Van Duckkaai street and you can see the Castle of t'Steen ahead.

I could see alot of beautiful place in the Netherlands and Belguim.But the only thing I am so sad about it I couldn't speak Dutch.You know My trip is not normal sightseeing one.My way is always staying with its local family and see how do they live thre.Therefore I always need their language and understand about them.Of course It is not really easy at all.According to the Dutch textbook,Dutch is Germanic language and It is spoken in the Netherlands and North Belguim.Even if Dutch people could speak English really well It's just around young people.So If I want to enjoy the life in the Netherlands and work there some day I really need to speak Dutch.Of course if I visit there as visitor I don't need it.People in giftshop speak English.

Anyway I really enjoyed staying in the Netherlands.I really appreciate my girlfriend family.Thank you very much for taking care of me.I really definitely wanna go back to there again and next time I wanna visit France and somewhere else by train.

A happy new year!!!

Hellooo! Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu! A happy new year!!!

I am in my apartment and drinking hot coffee now.Last year I was so busy so I couldn't upadte my blog but this year I try to write my blog as much as I can and I am gonna start working on new website for Japanese lover all over the world!

I haven't uploaded my food picture so I am gonna show you the food I am eating now.It is tomato spagetthi(??).

Basically The first day of January in Japan,we eat mostly Osechi ryouri which is Japanese traditional food for new year as follows.But...hehe I feel like eating pasta now.

At last I forgot to tell you one thing! I was back from the Netherlands trip! I am gonna talk about it next time!!See you soon!