Thursday, March 30, 2006

Got a pollen allergy...

*cough cough* I guess I got a pollen allergy...I have been suffering from it for a long time and It finally came to me in this I put on the mask and try to protect now.but It makes me a headache and bad feeling.phew...I hope that I will get better soon...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Changing battery for my motorcycle

I went to my friend house to change the battery for my motorcycle.I left him there last week because the battery almost died last Saturday...

It was really hard for us to get rid of old battery.It was really deep inside of the body and tough.30 minutes later We could replace the one finally.And The engine really started easily! I am so surprised!!! It made me so happy though!

My friend's wife is gonna have a baby soon.Probably next week or so.I really hope that they will have a healthy baby!

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My motorcycle got broken

Oh Oh Oh...What a bad day last Saturday was... The engine of my motorcycle didn't start in my friend house so I couldn't go back to my home with him.I left there by train alone...

I hope I can fix my motorcycle today!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ninja Foods is Open!

Japanese food community,Ninja foods is open! You can see some food recipe and talk with friends on Forum! I hope you enjoy this site!

Ninja Foods

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

WBC : Japan,the first WBC Champion!

Japan did it! Japan beats Cuba,the most strongest baseball country!YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

They really did good job!! Ichiro did it! But Cuba's players were so amazing!They didn't stop until end...I was almost shocked in 8 inning...

I really appreciate this WBC.I wasn't interested in baseball anything at all.I haven't watched any games here.According to the TV reporter Japan has been started playing the baseball 50 years behind from the US.Japan was folling the US.But Finally We could! But Korea was also strong.They could improve how strong they are.

Anyway Congratulations,team Japan!

Nice pitching by Matsuzaka

Ichiro got a hit after Japan scored 2 points

WBC:Japan vs Cuba

The histrical game,Japan vs Cuba has been started finally in the US!

Nippon cha cha cha!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

WBC:Go for Champion!

Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Japan beats Korea! Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did really good job today.I was sooo happy about it! But I don't know why.I was alittle bit sad about Korea.I feel sorry for them as a friend of Asian country...

The day after tomorrow Japan will play to Cuba,the most strongest Baseball country all over the world... I am not sure what's gonna happen.But Now that The US is not only country as baseball country.Japan and Korea are strong enough to prove our power to the world.That's why We have been play really good game with Korea... Let's go for the dream.Let's go for Champion!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

WBC:Japan will revenge!

Who expected that is it gonna happen?Japan will go to Semi-Finaly?Nobody did!It is not exception for Oh-manager and Ichiro.

Yes Mexico beat the US on WBC yesterday and Japan will go to the Semi-Final and play the game with Korea again!!I was sooo happy about it! I almost cried!!What kinf of histrical scene is it? Japan has to play the game with Korea 3 times?! Nobody expected that is gonna happen!

Ichiro said," It was the most disgracefull day for me in my baseball life" After he lost Korea. aw....Ichiro I could understand though.But they were strong.We have to admire that.That is the truth.

But the God gave us a chance again.We can't loose the 3 times with the same team.

I am worried about one thing...That stupid Judgement,Bob is gonna check the game our game,who misjudged Nishioka's play and Mexico's dreamlike homerun... I just hope that he won't do something wrong again...

I could tell one thing.Korea and Japan are really strong team in this WBC.They play really nice game farely.I really hope that they are gonna play nice game again!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wrong judgement on WBC,Japan vs USA

The histrical wonderfull game,World Baseball Classic,has been playing in the US right now.Japan passed 1st stage gladly and went to 2nd stage.They played a game with USA on 13nd morning.It was wonderfull morning.Japan and US flag were in the sky proudly.For Japan,it was so greatfull game to play with the US in the US.The Baseball game was made by American and it was brought to Japan almost 50 years ago.Therefor There are alot of MLB players in the US and Japan was still behind from the US.I admire that.But We were getting stronger.We produced fantastic players such as like Matsui and Ichiro.We proud of them.

I thought The game was played without problems.But It happened in 8 inning.3 vs 3.It was still even game.Japan was strong.Of course US too.But it seems that Japan were forcing the US.Japan turn,the bases are full.It was favorable for Japan.Japan got a hit!and the US got his ball ,and in this time,Nishioka ran to the home and he made it!Yes! We got a point! 4-3.We won this game! Everyone thought that.But it happened...The coach and players of the US apealed that Nishioka left the base before the US get the ball... Therefore The judge suddenly changed his judge to Nishiokai is out...


Then our 1 point is gone.After that They got a point and we couldn't win....

I really don't care about who is winner or not.The point is how can they change the judgement so easily.It is an international game.American ESPN also says that It was wrong call.I also saw the video of that and I also think that It was wrong....

First,It is the International game.Each of countries play as the leader of country.They can't change the rule so easily!

Second,Why is the judgement guy American? and check their country game? That is really wrong.World Cup Soccer,They never do that.It has be changed definitely.

I love the US and American... But I can't stand that!!! but...I want all the countries to play the baseball farely... Thats my wish.

I wasn't so interested in baseball basically.I have never watched the baseball game in Japan.It was soooo boring for me.However It was soo fun for me to watch WBC.I don't know why.Probably We can be proud of their nationary and They also play their countries diginity...

WBC,It has been just started.There are alot of problems now.I really hope that It will be changed farely.

FujiQ Highland

I and my friends went to the amusement park FujiQ Highland on 12th Sunday.This park is famous for 2 monster rollercoaster.One is ex-fastest rollercoaster all over the world,Dodonpa! and The other one is the highest,fastest rollercoaster all over the world,Fujiyama! These were so scary for me.... Dodonpa,He goes 170 km/h in 1.8 secs in the start.3! 2! 1! dodo!!!!!_alsjfklasjdklfasjldfjas;dfjasoiuweoiajksdf!!gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg eeeeeeeeeeeeee ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa goal.....*dead* I show you some pictures from FujiQ highland.Please enjoy

We went to FujiQ Highland by my friend car.We stopped at Service Area on highway.

This is the scariest Fujiyama....So high right?

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Thanks god it's friday! yay! I can take a rest finally!

Well,phew...I was so busy last week because of the new project.I have been working on car company's website and It is getting pretty nice website now.

I am gonna meet old friend on Saturday afternoon and I am going to Fujikyu highland on Sunday! I will try to play alot on this weekend though!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring is comming!

It is sooo warm today! I really can't believe this! I feel so confortable and nice! so I went to cycling with my favorite bike :-)

There is a huge park near the office called Shinjuku Chuuou Kouen(Shinjuku Central Park).It is kinda big park.

I like Spring.The wind is really warm and the flower will start blooming and alot of young girls will wear light color of clothes.(lol) I hate really cold weather.I can't move anything.But I feel like playing some sports in Spring! Maybe Badminton?

Anyway I upload some pictures of my cycling today!

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Tokyo Metropolitan Office.It is just city office but really huge....

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Some kids and their parents are playing.

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My lovely bike.It is really good to feel the wind!

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Hot coffee.I noticed one thing.We can buy many kinds of coffee in convenience store in Japan but Not in foreign countires...

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I found a small fall in the

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I found a big fall in the park wow wow lol

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I found somebody on the stone.Hope he wont get cold.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Walking down to the Iruma city park

I have to work really alot on weekday.Therefore I sometimes forget the of its days.So I always tries to do something else on weekend if I didn't have to work.Unfortunately I always have to do something but I worked off this week.

There is a huge park near my house called Iruma Park.I sometimes go walk for a walk here.I took some of pictures of this park today.Check this out!

This is the entrance of Iruma Park.The park is kind of huge.And A lot of people visits here on Weenend for running,play some sports.

I found a cute dog under the chair.Personaliy I don't dislike the animals.I really like them.I just don't want them to be in the house.

The flower has been started blooming here.yeah I can feel it.It is getting warm now.The Spring is comming.This flower is Ume.It is not a sakura(Cherry Blossom.).They bloom faster than Sakura.

There is a water faountain over there.

Ohh...The pegeon got near me.I guess He wants some food from me...Gomen ne... I don't have anything to give you boys.but I have a coffee here.You want some?

Look at this sign.Don't get into the water and catch the fishes.yes I understand about it but...but...How about birds? lol

A lot of people are playing sports here and taking a rest...That's really great though.

I was just walking in the park and calling my friends on the phone.It is really good to come to the park sometimes but I get bored...Hmm...I wish I could come here with somebody special person....

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wold Baseball Classic

Wold Baseball Classic
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Who is the No.1 Baseball country all over the world? Well,Probaly We could say the US.Because The Major League is really great strong league all over the world so far.However a lot of coutries are getting strong lately.Japan has alot of great players such as like Ichiro and Matsui.

World Baseball Classic is the World Baseball tournament! It is teh baseball version of World Cup!!! I was soo waiting for this long time!!!

Japan is not so bad country in baseball actually.We have kind of long history in baseball.According to the history American people brought Japan the baseball.American people gave the idea of 2 leagues for Japan.Thefore We could get stronger every years.And We could produce a wonder player such as like Ichiro and Matsui!

I hope Japan will win!Ganbatte!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Nemui...I am sooo sleepy today.I don't know why.I slept a lot last night.I think because of nice weather.Soft sunlight and warm air in the room... everything is slow around me now...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gackt comes to high school for a promise

Gackt comes to high school for a promise
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Japanese famous visual singer Gackt suddenly appeared in the graduation celemonry to a high school for a promise.And He gave them a song,'No ni saku hana no you ni'.

It happened right after its celemony finished.A tall guy with black court and sunglass,He walked on the stage queitly.A lot of students were so surprised about it.Why did he come to a high school really far away?

Gackt told them the reason.
'I got an email from a student of this high school and this person has been asking him to come to the graduation I am here to make a promise!!!!' said he.

This school had a student problems.They made a new course in school but they coudn't get enough students for it.And Gackt had experience of living in Tokyo and Hanshin Earthquare.Thats why one of student asked him by email.

Gackt listened this person's eagerness and had a present for them.
' I decided to come here 3 days ago. and I made a song for you all night long...'.

Some of students were crying....It was such a short time.However It was really greatfull time for them.