Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Gackt comes to high school for a promise

Gackt comes to high school for a promise
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Japanese famous visual singer Gackt suddenly appeared in the graduation celemonry to a high school for a promise.And He gave them a song,'No ni saku hana no you ni'.

It happened right after its celemony finished.A tall guy with black court and sunglass,He walked on the stage queitly.A lot of students were so surprised about it.Why did he come to a high school really far away?

Gackt told them the reason.
'I got an email from a student of this high school and this person has been asking him to come to the graduation I am here to make a promise!!!!' said he.

This school had a student problems.They made a new course in school but they coudn't get enough students for it.And Gackt had experience of living in Tokyo and Hanshin Earthquare.Thats why one of student asked him by email.

Gackt listened this person's eagerness and had a present for them.
' I decided to come here 3 days ago. and I made a song for you all night long...'.

Some of students were crying....It was such a short time.However It was really greatfull time for them.


Blogger Rob said...

*pats* ^_^ it's Ceremony, you got l's and r's mixed up again.

Anyway, that's cool! I wish something like that would have happened when I was in high school. But sadly no, because my high school was boring old high school, lol.

3:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hehe.. doushite Gackt???
IF i only hear about him i get shiveres...
The way he looks now, makes me scared.hehe...

8:22 AM  

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