Saturday, March 18, 2006

WBC:Japan will revenge!

Who expected that is it gonna happen?Japan will go to Semi-Finaly?Nobody did!It is not exception for Oh-manager and Ichiro.

Yes Mexico beat the US on WBC yesterday and Japan will go to the Semi-Final and play the game with Korea again!!I was sooo happy about it! I almost cried!!What kinf of histrical scene is it? Japan has to play the game with Korea 3 times?! Nobody expected that is gonna happen!

Ichiro said," It was the most disgracefull day for me in my baseball life" After he lost Korea. aw....Ichiro I could understand though.But they were strong.We have to admire that.That is the truth.

But the God gave us a chance again.We can't loose the 3 times with the same team.

I am worried about one thing...That stupid Judgement,Bob is gonna check the game our game,who misjudged Nishioka's play and Mexico's dreamlike homerun... I just hope that he won't do something wrong again...

I could tell one thing.Korea and Japan are really strong team in this WBC.They play really nice game farely.I really hope that they are gonna play nice game again!


Blogger Rob said...

^_^ I was so happy also, I hope Japan will win this time, it would be a very memorable event. Just think, if Japan beats Korea we will be in the finals! It would be a very memorable thing, I would remember it for the rest of my life and when an old man I could talk to my grandkids about it. "Did I ever tell you about the time Japan won the 1st ever World Baseball Classic and had to face Korea 3 times?" and they would say "Ojiichaaaan you tell us this story everytime we come to visit!"

hehehe I think that we will play with a stronger resolve this time. I hope Tamura-san finally gets a homerun in this one, I'll be watching it tommorrow and support Nippon all the way!

I'm also proud of Mexico, they played to win even when they had no chance to go on to the semi-finals, they played for pride and honor so they deserve the win.

Let's go Japan! Lets go Oh-sama, Ichiro-san, Nishioka-san, Tamura-san, and everyone else! You can do it! I wonder who is going to pitch...

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Korean - obviously I'm rooting for Korea. But I was extremely happy that Japan made it into the semi-finals instead of the USA. Japan deserves it way over the USA who only won because of that Davidson guy (who almost tried to make Mexico lose). Best of luck and may the best team win.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

^_^'' Is it weird that I'm from the US and I was cheering against them? Of course it is weird! But I'm a weird guy...Someone asked why I wanted Japan to make it, I'm not a Japanese citizen I'm a US citizen, to which I said: "My body may be American, but my spirit is Japanese!"

So I hope it will be a good game no matter the outcome. Of course this is not to say that I would be sad if Japan wins by a lot. I do hope for a good game, that was not a lie. But when it is a good game I always get so nervous!

I think it will be a close game just like the others. But I can't help but think that Japan has been a sleeping dragon, and that last loss to Korea no doubt woke that dragon up! Tamura-san struck out on the last out of the game, and I think that he will be more determined than ever to redeem himself! ^_^ Don't take this as insult, I'm just very competitive.

6:25 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

BANZAIIIII!!! ^_^ Japan beats Korea 6-0! And like the commentators said, Japan rose from the ashes! They became a Phoenix and woke up to bring a fire burst of production! ^_^ Now Japan goes to the finals against Cuba.

Fukudome hit a 2 run home run after Oh-sama put him in as a pinch hitter. Then Ogasawara got hit by a pitch and Satozaki came up to bat. Then "Guts" Ogasawara went to second on a passed ball, after that Satozaki hit a double to drive in the run. After that Miyamoto came in to pinch hit and drove in Satozaki. Ichiro-san then got a hit to drive in Miyamoto. This was all in the 7th inning!

When Tamura came up to bat in the 8th, he hit a solo home run. Tamura-san really redeemed himself in this game. He risked himself for the team earlier in the game by making a very good catch. Uehara pitched a very good game, only giving up 3 hits, no runs, walking no one and striking out 8 batters.

I'm proud of team Japan, BUT I'm also proud of Korea. They proved they could play with the best of them. HOWEVER, Ichiro-san's quote actually came true. Yes Korea won 2 out of 3 games, but Japan ended up winning and going to the finals, also..the Run margin of all three games combined proves Japan won ultimately 9-5.

I now hope for Japan to win the very first WBC against Cuba on monday (tuesday for Japan). I will cheer Japan on just like I cheered them on today! Korea played very well, but they ultimately could not beat a Phoenix! Banzai!! ^_^

4:03 PM  

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