Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wrong judgement on WBC,Japan vs USA

The histrical wonderfull game,World Baseball Classic,has been playing in the US right now.Japan passed 1st stage gladly and went to 2nd stage.They played a game with USA on 13nd morning.It was wonderfull morning.Japan and US flag were in the sky proudly.For Japan,it was so greatfull game to play with the US in the US.The Baseball game was made by American and it was brought to Japan almost 50 years ago.Therefor There are alot of MLB players in the US and Japan was still behind from the US.I admire that.But We were getting stronger.We produced fantastic players such as like Matsui and Ichiro.We proud of them.

I thought The game was played without problems.But It happened in 8 inning.3 vs 3.It was still even game.Japan was strong.Of course US too.But it seems that Japan were forcing the US.Japan turn,the bases are full.It was favorable for Japan.Japan got a hit!and the US got his ball ,and in this time,Nishioka ran to the home and he made it!Yes! We got a point! 4-3.We won this game! Everyone thought that.But it happened...The coach and players of the US apealed that Nishioka left the base before the US get the ball... Therefore The judge suddenly changed his judge to Nishiokai is out...


Then our 1 point is gone.After that They got a point and we couldn't win....

I really don't care about who is winner or not.The point is how can they change the judgement so easily.It is an international game.American ESPN also says that It was wrong call.I also saw the video of that and I also think that It was wrong....

First,It is the International game.Each of countries play as the leader of country.They can't change the rule so easily!

Second,Why is the judgement guy American? and check their country game? That is really wrong.World Cup Soccer,They never do that.It has be changed definitely.

I love the US and American... But I can't stand that!!! but...I want all the countries to play the baseball farely... Thats my wish.

I wasn't so interested in baseball basically.I have never watched the baseball game in Japan.It was soooo boring for me.However It was soo fun for me to watch WBC.I don't know why.Probably We can be proud of their nationary and They also play their countries diginity...

WBC,It has been just started.There are alot of problems now.I really hope that It will be changed farely.


Blogger Rob said...

Well...Japan beat mexico but we lost to Korea, it was a good game though and I'm still proud, especially of Tamura..even though he struck out at bat for the last out, the last swing he put his everything into it, so much that he fell down so I know he was trying his best to hit a homerun and win the game..thats all we could of done at that point because the previous batter popped out. I'm also proud of Nishioka because he led off the bottom of the ninth with a homerun, he gave Japan a chance to come back.

However not all is lost! If Mexico beats the USA by two runs Japan still makes the semi-finals! And I think if they beat the US by 1 that must mean that there is a playoff, but I'm not too sure about that so lets just hope Mexico beats them by 2. Never give up! When there's a will theres a way! Lets go Mexico! Play for your pride and beat the US even though Japan beat you. Since they have no chance to make the next round all they can play for is pride...and I think Mexico will play hard for it.

Come on guys, just hope! Lets go Oh-sama! Let's go Ichiro-san! Cheer for Mexico!

5:04 PM  
Blogger MKT said...

haha Thanks for cheering up Rob.Yeah We can't throw our hope! We still have a chance!

About the game of today,Actually That was really really nice game.Nishioka gave us a hope to win.That was so amazing homerun!

8:23 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

BANZAI!!!!! Japan is in the Semi-finals! Mexico beat team USA 2-1 with good pitching! Now Japan is going to go against Korea for the third time in this WBC. Third time is the charm I guess! ^_^ I'm so happy right now because my hope and my enthusiasm was not wasted! Banzai!!!

Let's go Oh-sama! Let's go Ichiro-san! Let's go Nippon! You can do it! You can make it to the finals, just believe and fight against Korea with more passion than ever and you will not fail a third time!

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

omedetou!!! this is your 100st post!!!

9:37 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Since Japan go in to the semi-finals, now that bad call doesn't matter anymore. I think Japan will be more determined to win against Korea this time

8:59 AM  

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