Thursday, April 20, 2006

My new life with someone special.

I am kina happy late with my new life.Last week My girlfriend came to see me and staying with my family now.She can't speak Japanese perfectly yet but she is trying to improve her Japanese now.Since I have started teaching her She almost memorized Hiragana and can talk simple Japanese.It is still hard for her to communicate with my mom but It seems really okay now.Of course My mom doesn't speak English either so she always make sign to tell my girlfriend.It looks kinda funny but really happy.My mom always care about her buying food and bags and talking to her alot Even if my girlfriend doesn't understand.I guess My mom is just happy to have new family.And It is a cute girl... Since me and My sister started working We always get late and we didn't have so much chance to talk to our mom but My girlfriend is always there.That's why she looks happy lately...

They must be going to shopping today.I am wondering how will they communicate today?! When I think about it It makes me laugh.As I thought My mom sent email to me to talk to my hehe...okok I will help you.. I hope that my mom could learn some English to communicate at least but It seems really hard for her because she is studying the computer and it still also looks difficult.In this case my girlfriend should be able to speak to her in Japanese because she is really young and she can pick up words really quicly..My mom is too old to learn something new now..hehe. My girlfriend will start taking Japanese lesson at City office from next Saturday.I used to go there to teach Japanese sometimes when I was student.I didn't expect to go there back again.But I am kind of happy.

She will be staying with us next 3 months.She might have alot of troubles such as like cultural difference and languages here in Japan but I will help you as much as I can! Dakara Ganbatte ne!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sakura watching

I went to Chichibu to see Sakura with my friends.Finally My girlfriend came to Japan from the Netherlands so I wanted to show her the beautiful sakura! But Unfortunately It was almost gone around Saitama and Tokyo so we had to go drive the mountain area such as like Chichibu and Tama area around here.There was a famous sakura watching place in Chichibu called Shiba-Zakura.

This is shiba-zakura! Yes Sakura is basically tree but this shiba-zakura is grasses!

This is my sweet girlfriend in front of beautiful flowers and mountain.*smile*

This is sheep I found in the park.Their voice sounds like human to me.I am so surprised...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

How can we send the money internationally?

How can we send the money internationally? CityBank? Well I suggest you to use Wester Union Money Transfer Service.If you use this service You can send your money anywhere you want over countries! The fee changes by the money you want to send so Please ask about the fee at the nearest Western Union Office.

In Japan Suruga Bank take charge of Western Union.Basically You have to go to the Suruga Bank but If you get money in Japan You should make a bank account there.If you You can transfer the money into your Suruga Bank Account and you can withdrawn any ATM and the convenience stores near you!

Now that I am trying to open the bank account for Suruga bank now.They say that It will take 2 weeks...Sigh Make it right now...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Marriage Party

Marriage Party
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I joined a wedding party for my friend yesterday.He was my classmate of college we had a fun together in school.And Finally he was going to get marry yesterday.It was so great party out there.Kinda big celemonry.I guess There were 80 people there.

There are some special culture in Japanese wedding.First,You are invited to the party You have to bring the Goshuugi(easilty fee).and You have to wrap up with the paper.If you are best friend of them,You have to put 300 dollar.If you are their boss More than that.Or You are just invited to the party,Just 100 doller.Yes YOu have to pay for it.

We watched his memory video.It was so great.It made us cry.I was kinda crying...I felt like having a wedding But that was true.

After that We have a 2nd party in Shibuya.It was really frank and casual party.We just drunk and talked alot.But I helped to bring the flowers and orgnize the event...It was really tired....So I went to go home and slept really well but I am still kinda tired...

But I really enjoyed the party anyway!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dance with Google

Google,the powerfull search engine website.If you search your question on Google You will get answer right away.

I am a fan of Google stuff.I am so surprised that I am using alot of Google's servie as follows.

Google Desktop
Powerfull Sidebar on Windows.Info when you want it, right on your desktop.I use Google Desktop to check the news and my favorite blog sites.

Google AdSense
Google's Advertising program for website's owner.I have my own sites and I put on AdSense Banners on my sites.

Google Sitemap
It is the service for Wembaster and your site to be cached in Google's Index.Thefore You will be search in Google easily.

Google Homepage
Startup pages service from Google.When you start your browswer You will see the first page right? Maybe MSN or Netscape as default I guess but It is so usefull if you set the Google Homeage as startup page.

Google Picasa
Google's Photo gallery software.I love it.It is really cool.

Google Map
When I go somewhere I always search in Google Map and find out how can I get to there.

Google's blog service. hehe... I am using Blogger as my blog!

Page Creator
You can make your site really easity without HTML knowledge in Google PageCreator.but I didn't like it so much because I am a web designer and I didnt need this service for me...

Google Analytics
Google's access analyzer service.You can check your site's visitor where they are from! I also check you! hehe

like that...I am using alot of Google's service... hehe...Ops I am getting hungry now.Let's google the restaurant!

Sunday, April 02, 2006


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It is almost Spring here in Japan.This is the most beautiful season of Japan I believe.Sakura tree will bloom on the first week of April and there are tons of sakura trees in Japan.Warm air... Nice smells of flower and green grasses... happy smiles.Everything looks happy in April.All of school:Kinder Gardern,Elementary school,Junior high school,high school and University starts from April.Because We think that Everything starts from April.Yes,Because Japanese people really love Sakura.It is kinda mystery of Japan.If you walk in the sakura tree You can't leave there.

Unfortunately you can enjoy this for a week.That's all.Their life is so short.After that you have to wait for the next year...That makes me really sad.But We can wait for that.Because that is really incredibly beautiful!