Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Design Festa

Hello there!

I went to the Design Festa last sunday.It is the biggest Art&Design event in Asia.A lot of designers and artist comes there to show and sell the arts.I was invited by my English friend so I went to there with them and girlfriend.

This is where we went to...Cool building huh? looks like that piramid fell off from the sky island...

Me is playing with a huge bubble.

This is me taken a picture by the park.

It is the raibow bridge.The Yurikamome train runs on this bridge.Technicaly inside of bridge.It is really cool view!

and This is our group picture.We really enjoyed on Design Festa.I hope that I could join there as guest!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My left mirror is stolen...

I am really surprised that one...

I was walking to my house in the night.It was dark and quiet.I always pass by in front of the bicycle parking and we can also park the motorcycle too.I also park my motorcycle there.I always check mine if she is okay.But she wasn't that night.I found out that There was no the new left mirror that it is suppose to be.


ehhhhhhh What happened to her? Oh my gosh.My new left mirror was stolen!!!

SHIT GODDEM IT! WHO THE HELL DO THIS TO ME?! Show me your face and talk to me!


It was really horrible night.It took for a while to get back my mind.


She looks so sad to me...without left mirror.

Gomen ne... I can't go drive with you because I am in the period of no driving... I will go drive with you next month.Until then Please be patient.

Aww..I need to get a new one for her.Then She looks so great again.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get a mac

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I found a kind of funny commercial on Apple Computer's website.

-Get a mac

It is the CM of Macintosh from Apple Computer.and this series of Network,There is a Japanese girl and 'mac' speak Japanese to her.and She says 'nenene dare ano hito.Otaku ppokunai?'.Did American people understand what is she saying to 'PC' guy? Of course not but It means 'hey hey hey Who is that guy? He seems so otaku!(otaku means crazy for computer and anime.)'

haha..That's really funny.I guess 'mac' guy is of course Macintosh.and 'PC' guy is absolutely Microsoft.I don't know why but 'pc' guy looks Bill Gates.Am I only person who think like that? and 'mac' guys seems really It seems kinda sarcastic movie... Is it only shown in the US?

There are verious kinds of movies on the webisite so you should check this out! its kind a funny...

I love it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Golden Week II ,Shirakaba lake in Nagano

Me and my girlfriend visited Shirakaba lake in Nagano prefecture on 6th and 7th of May.It was planned from one month ago.I have been waiting for this trip for a long time.

Here is the picture of the mountain and view from the top.It is not so green on the mountain in this time.I guess It was alittle bit too early to visit there.but It was so nice feeling!

I found a pee boy in front of a hotel.I joined him.... lol

Here is my girlfriend Hennie and me.

Hennie is making a green tea for me.And She is wearing hotel's Yukata.Most of Japanese hotel serves us yutaka.It is kinda confortable clothes.If you go Japanese hotel You should try!

When we are on my way home from Nagano I found my love lost lately on the huh?

Friday, May 05, 2006

Golden Week

I am on the Golden Week Vacation now.In Japan we have a long time vacation called Golden Week such as like one week vacation.Today I visited the park near my house with my mom and girlfriend and played the ball.

Here is the picture with my mom and girlfriend.We had a good time there.

I met a great guy who are making the bird with metal wire.That was amazing stuff that he was making.He says It is his hobby and not as job.But that was really amazing job though.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Green Tea Picking

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There was an event of Green Tea Picking at Iruma city office.So Me,my girlfriend and my mom went to see the tea picking.Unfortunately It was hatefull rainy weather this morning but I could get free tea pack and tea tree.We also could eat the Green tea Tempura too.My girlfriend seemed to hate that but my mom was really evil so she put it in her mouse... that was kind of really funny to

As a place of Green tea production,Shizuoka prefecture is the most famous place but Iruma city is also known for prorducting the Sayama Tea.If you drive for a while you will jump into the green tea farm around here.

Green tea is knowsn as heathly drink.It make you to stop the cancer.That's why Japanese live really long time?! haha...I am not sure but It must be related too..

Anyway if you are interested in Japan Please try the first gate of Japanese culture,Green tea!

Golden week

We have a long vacation in Japan called Golden Week.Most of Japanese people has been waiting for this long vacation.Some family plans for trip to Hokkaidou or Okinawa.Some young couple plans for oversea's trip.A lot of people take a trip in this season.

Golden Week is typcial Japanese holiday.There are 3 or 4 national holidays such as like Children Day It will be kinda long holidays.I also am planning to go take a trip to Nagano prefecture to stay in lake-side hotel and see the nature.There is a famous huge lake,Shirakaba lake.And it is known for beautiful nature and flowers.

I haven't taken long vacation lately so I will be so happy to be away from my work for a while!I like my job.I like making website but I also need a rest too...Do you have a golden week in your country? Please let me know!