Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get a mac

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I found a kind of funny commercial on Apple Computer's website.

-Get a mac

It is the CM of Macintosh from Apple Computer.and this series of Network,There is a Japanese girl and 'mac' speak Japanese to her.and She says 'nenene dare ano hito.Otaku ppokunai?'.Did American people understand what is she saying to 'PC' guy? Of course not but It means 'hey hey hey Who is that guy? He seems so otaku!(otaku means crazy for computer and anime.)'

haha..That's really funny.I guess 'mac' guy is of course Macintosh.and 'PC' guy is absolutely Microsoft.I don't know why but 'pc' guy looks Bill Gates.Am I only person who think like that? and 'mac' guys seems really It seems kinda sarcastic movie... Is it only shown in the US?

There are verious kinds of movies on the webisite so you should check this out! its kind a funny...

I love it.


Blogger Rob said...

Heeeey, I take offense to that Otaku comment...I'm an Otaku and I don't look like PC, lol.

Yeah I think that it is supposed to be Bill Gates. The guy that made Mac kinda hates Bill Gates, that's why it's so sarcastic I think. ^_^;; But yeah they show that here a lot, it's funny but it gets old when they show it too much.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Minty said...

Aww, those adverts don't work on my pc. :( It is a very old pc.

Loooook Makoto-chan, I made my own blog!

6:37 PM  

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