Thursday, May 18, 2006

My left mirror is stolen...

I am really surprised that one...

I was walking to my house in the night.It was dark and quiet.I always pass by in front of the bicycle parking and we can also park the motorcycle too.I also park my motorcycle there.I always check mine if she is okay.But she wasn't that night.I found out that There was no the new left mirror that it is suppose to be.


ehhhhhhh What happened to her? Oh my gosh.My new left mirror was stolen!!!

SHIT GODDEM IT! WHO THE HELL DO THIS TO ME?! Show me your face and talk to me!


It was really horrible night.It took for a while to get back my mind.


She looks so sad to me...without left mirror.

Gomen ne... I can't go drive with you because I am in the period of no driving... I will go drive with you next month.Until then Please be patient.

Aww..I need to get a new one for her.Then She looks so great again.


Blogger Chiba-Tenshi said...

i dont know why... i feel so lonely now... samishii...

demo ne, i really hate the person who did that to her!! you should put an alarm on her!
please find the person and sue him

4:41 PM  
Blogger Minty said...

What a horrible thing to do! Why would anyone steal a mirror? D:

5:38 AM  

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