Monday, September 01, 2008

Joined my wife's meeting and event by Tokyo Bay Cruising.

I had a business meeting at Shinagawa in the morning.I was so exhausted because of the last week so I went to home straightly.And I got a phone call from my wife ,just 3 steps away from apartment. She wanted me to take her normal clothes to her meeting location as soon as possible.*phew*

She had a meeting in Shibuya.Actually kinda closed to my meeting location but I was on my way back Tokyo again... I wasn't hard to look for the building where she is at.And Surprisingly I joined the meeting in her company.It was kinda quite fun though.I could see how was she doing and working.I am so proud of her now.:-)

I wasn't expected but Her Boss offered me to go to the party after the meeting.I thought that I could be good opportunity for me to get along with Japanese and foreign teachers together so I gladly accepted.

The party was Tokyo Bay Cruising Food and Drinking party.We could eat and drink whatever we want.It was kinda unusual for me to join the event that I don't belong to but I could enjoy so much.hmm...I dont mean that I dont belong there completely because I work on their website.

After that party We moved to Karaoke.Actually I hate Karaoke.Simply I am not good at singing.I hope to sing nicely but I am not...but It was fun anway.

When I got to home.I was so tired.So I didn't take so long to fall in sleep.It was really fun day for me.I wish to join again.


Blogger Chiba-Tenshi said...

sorry to drag you to my business that day and sorry to ask you to bring my clothes... but it really helped me!! *bows to the ground*

I am very glad you enjoyed it, in fact, i also really enjoyed!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger MKT said...

Thanks for your post!

That's okay.I really enjoyed.I wanna join again!Not the meeting.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Richard Finley said...

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3:56 PM  
Blogger Gebby Laurance said...

Wow Nice Info

1:11 PM  

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