Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Built a new website.

I built a new website in Japanese. The new site is how to process an international marriage with a Dutch woman in Japan. I hope that this site helps some people who has same troubles.

I'll start working on new website again. If I finish I'll let you guys know!


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hard to study at home...

Well,That's my honest feeling right now.

It was so hard to study at home.Shall I quit?

Tell me what should I do?

At first I will explain what's going on.

I became a correspondence student to major English at Nihon University this April.I planned this last December.I worked so hard to enter this University.But There is no examination to be a correspondence student.If you pay money and write some documents You can become a student.If you graduate You will get a degree as same as the other normal student.But I can't. I have my full time job as web programmer.But I wanted to get an University degree if possigle.That's why I choose this way...

I work for unsual company.They don't have the office.They clients give us a job by email.Sometimes we will have a meeting at their office and we work at home with computers.and we send a email back and done.That's my job...I thought I am used to WORK at home.therefore I am available to STUDY at home too.

However I couldn't so far....

On my plan I am suppose to get some units so far now.But none for now...


I took English IV and English V. English IV was okay.It was normal textbook and can study really well with it but English V.... It was like reading a british sarcastic book and translate...It was really hard for me.And I don't understand at all...

I guess I give up this English V now. My goal is graduating the University but I need to improve my English too.If so I don't have to focus on this stupid subject.Maybe When I improve my English later I may be able to work on it...

Anyway I am gonna finish and work on English IV now.I hope to pass the exam next month...awww 2 weeks to go..Am I gonna make it? Wish me luck.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Joined my wife's meeting and event by Tokyo Bay Cruising.

I had a business meeting at Shinagawa in the morning.I was so exhausted because of the last week so I went to home straightly.And I got a phone call from my wife ,just 3 steps away from apartment. She wanted me to take her normal clothes to her meeting location as soon as possible.*phew*

She had a meeting in Shibuya.Actually kinda closed to my meeting location but I was on my way back Tokyo again... I wasn't hard to look for the building where she is at.And Surprisingly I joined the meeting in her company.It was kinda quite fun though.I could see how was she doing and working.I am so proud of her now.:-)

I wasn't expected but Her Boss offered me to go to the party after the meeting.I thought that I could be good opportunity for me to get along with Japanese and foreign teachers together so I gladly accepted.

The party was Tokyo Bay Cruising Food and Drinking party.We could eat and drink whatever we want.It was kinda unusual for me to join the event that I don't belong to but I could enjoy so much.hmm...I dont mean that I dont belong there completely because I work on their website.

After that party We moved to Karaoke.Actually I hate Karaoke.Simply I am not good at singing.I hope to sing nicely but I am not...but It was fun anway.

When I got to home.I was so tired.So I didn't take so long to fall in sleep.It was really fun day for me.I wish to join again.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I am back again.

Hello there

I haven't updated my blog for a long time.Alot of things happened to me but I feel like writting something again about Japan and some stuff around me.

See you again guys.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

rain rain rain...

Last 3 days or so It is raining a lot... I really hate that.I don't like to take an umbrella with me and get wet...*sigh*

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Hello there!

Sorry for not writting anything here lately.To tell you the truth I was working on my new personal website so I couldn't touch my blog anything at all.

I am really happy to announce that I made a new website for all of you!This website is for people who love Japan and Japanese culture such as like Anime/J-POP or so.It is a SNS community website.The members can write a diary and connect with friends.I am mostly writting my diary there.There are almost 160 members now.If you love Japan or Japanese culture Please join us!

+ Japan SNS community Friends Gate

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Design Festa

Hello there!

I went to the Design Festa last sunday.It is the biggest Art&Design event in Asia.A lot of designers and artist comes there to show and sell the arts.I was invited by my English friend so I went to there with them and girlfriend.

This is where we went to...Cool building huh? looks like that piramid fell off from the sky island...

Me is playing with a huge bubble.

This is me taken a picture by the park.

It is the raibow bridge.The Yurikamome train runs on this bridge.Technicaly inside of bridge.It is really cool view!

and This is our group picture.We really enjoyed on Design Festa.I hope that I could join there as guest!!!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

My left mirror is stolen...

I am really surprised that one...

I was walking to my house in the night.It was dark and quiet.I always pass by in front of the bicycle parking and we can also park the motorcycle too.I also park my motorcycle there.I always check mine if she is okay.But she wasn't that night.I found out that There was no the new left mirror that it is suppose to be.


ehhhhhhh What happened to her? Oh my gosh.My new left mirror was stolen!!!

SHIT GODDEM IT! WHO THE HELL DO THIS TO ME?! Show me your face and talk to me!


It was really horrible night.It took for a while to get back my mind.


She looks so sad to me...without left mirror.

Gomen ne... I can't go drive with you because I am in the period of no driving... I will go drive with you next month.Until then Please be patient.

Aww..I need to get a new one for her.Then She looks so great again.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Get a mac

Originally uploaded by hypermkt.

I found a kind of funny commercial on Apple Computer's website.

-Get a mac

It is the CM of Macintosh from Apple Computer.and this series of Network,There is a Japanese girl and 'mac' speak Japanese to her.and She says 'nenene dare ano hito.Otaku ppokunai?'.Did American people understand what is she saying to 'PC' guy? Of course not but It means 'hey hey hey Who is that guy? He seems so otaku!(otaku means crazy for computer and anime.)'

haha..That's really funny.I guess 'mac' guy is of course Macintosh.and 'PC' guy is absolutely Microsoft.I don't know why but 'pc' guy looks Bill Gates.Am I only person who think like that? and 'mac' guys seems really It seems kinda sarcastic movie... Is it only shown in the US?

There are verious kinds of movies on the webisite so you should check this out! its kind a funny...

I love it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Golden Week II ,Shirakaba lake in Nagano

Me and my girlfriend visited Shirakaba lake in Nagano prefecture on 6th and 7th of May.It was planned from one month ago.I have been waiting for this trip for a long time.

Here is the picture of the mountain and view from the top.It is not so green on the mountain in this time.I guess It was alittle bit too early to visit there.but It was so nice feeling!

I found a pee boy in front of a hotel.I joined him.... lol

Here is my girlfriend Hennie and me.

Hennie is making a green tea for me.And She is wearing hotel's Yukata.Most of Japanese hotel serves us yutaka.It is kinda confortable clothes.If you go Japanese hotel You should try!

When we are on my way home from Nagano I found my love lost lately on the huh?